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BJ Cunningham - Death Cigarettes

DEATH Cigarettes Globally respected entrepreneur and renowned branding expert BJ Cunningham created The Enlightened Tobacco Company in 1991, and the legendary DEATH Cigarettes were presented in a soft black pack emblazoned with it's white skull-and-crossbones logo. The 'SERIAL KILLER' and 'BLOW YOURSELF AWAY' poster designs were used to promote the emergence of DEATH Cigarettes onto the tobacco market here in the UK, and the advertising campaign using these two posters was almost immediately 'banned'. The DEATH Brand is perfect for the Smoker who is aware of the risks, the Ex-smoker to remind them why they gave up, People who are interested in banned advertising, those who like companies to be honest about their products or just because the designs are so cool !! As a special launch this very 1st. batch of official DEATH Cigarettes are individually numbered. Each one of these shirts will be individually numbered as follows - "1st issue - ** /100 " - on the bottom hem of the T-shirt. We are sorry but we cannot offer specifically numbered shirts on request - as this is a first come, first serve deal. Remember - these T-shirts are not available anywhere else in the world except from Mad Mug Lady !